The Viral Gospel

Sermon Outline – March 22, 2020
Text: 2 Timothy 20:1-10
Title: “The Viral Gospel”

We live in strange, unsettling times, with quarantines and Covids
run amok! And the Bible makes clear that things found in this
world aren’t even our greatest opposition as Christians. Yet,
despite it all, and despite our own failures and weaknesses, we
have access to a far greater power and a far greater love. And,
no matter the circumstances around us, we have the outstanding
privilege of seeing that power and that love (the gospel!) go
forward in a way that will spread to, touch, and transform the
entire world!

It is a mission that is bigger than we are (v.2)

It is a message that is bigger than we are (v.8)

That comes through a love that is greater than we are (v.10)


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