Sermons from May 2019

When God Pretends He Is Not There

“If God is loving, and powerful, and sovereign….then why does my life hurt so much?” “Where is God when I am in pain and call out to Him….and He seems so silent?” “How can God’s plan be loving, how can He be good — when my life is so hard?” These questions, and others like […]

The Call to an Un-wasted Life

You know that feeling when you are on the last day of vacation? That feeling of wishing you could stay there forever — and that you didn’t have to come back and engage with real life in the real world? Yeah. We’ve all been there. And the temptation and the pull to just check out […]

Questions from God

Why does God ask questions here in Jonah and other places in Scripture? It can’t be because He needs information or needs to be caught up on the details. So why does He come in this chapter (and elsewhere) with question after question? If He doesn’t need to be informed — could it be that […]