Sermons from April 2019

What Will Make the Difference?

This chapter records one of the great revivals in all of history. Through Jonah preaching God’s Word, an entire city and people are led to repentance, revival, and reconciliation with the Lord of Creation. Do we want to see that here, among us and among our culture? If so, are we willing to depend on […]

The Reason for Mercy

We all by nature compare ourselves to others — for better or worse. But when the Lord opens our eyes to an honest assessment of our unworthiness of His love…. Then we see just how great the Love of Jesus is for us! And when we see what He won for us in His resurrection, […]

Called to a Wonderful Life

God says that His mercy is going to flow out over this world like the waters cover the sea. But sometimes, because of grudges or pain or prejudice in our past, we say, “It’s not going to flow through me.” This morning, who are you committed to not loving well? Who do you hope the […]