Sermons from 2018 (Page 5)

Tears on a Savior

John 10 presented Jesus’ beautiful promise that nothing can snatch us out of His hand. But sometimes, life and circumstances look just the opposite. In this very next chapter, a family that Jesus loves is rocked by the death of a loved one, and they don’t understand why or where Jesus was. For the times […]

Weebles Wobble

When things are at their worst, when we’ve done our worst, or when we are barely hanging on – How can we know that Jesus “has us”? Consider what Jesus has said about the effectiveness of His atonement and the certainty of His choosing – combine those and you get a wonderful promise about the […]

For Whom did Christ Die?

What did the death of Christ accomplish? Did it simply make salvation possible – if we finish the deal? Or did Jesus’ death actually accomplish salvation for His people whom He is calling out of sin and darkness? How the Bible answers this question is huge – for it determines whether or not we can know we are really, […]

A Shepherd with Authority to Die

If you’ve been around Christianity much at all, you’ve heard references to God as our shepherd (like in Psalm 23) and us as His sheep. It’s easy to take such notions for granted. But let it arrest you again. There is much in this text today that is meant to be shocking about who we […]

Called into Marvelous Light

The Bible speaks often of “darkness and light” as concepts for establishing its worldview of the brokenness and state of this world. If we’re honest, we know it to be true in our own hearts. Where do you feel the darkness? Where do you fear the darkness? Listen, and find hope for the Light that […]