Sermons from November 2017

The Power of Thanksgiving

When all is said and done, why do you do what you do as a Christian? For all of the motivations, is what you do selfish, or out of fear, or out of obligation? Or is there a greater reason, a more lasting reason – that itself turns into power for life and faith in this […]

Slaves Set Free at Last

We in America love to celebrate our freedom. But the Bible speaks of another truth: That all of us in this life are slaves to the sin that holds us and binds us. Don’t you know it from your own life – the things that have kept you and held you powerless? If you long to […]

Come in from the Darkness

We are heading into the holiday season – a time that promises and centers around the celebration of so much light. Yet it can be a season when many of us struggle with darkness around us and within us. Whatever the darkness you are feeling and carrying – Hear Jesus’ invitation to bring light into your world! […]