Sermons from April 2017

Help for the Loneliness

On Easter morning, we dress up in nice clothes and we celebrate resurrection. It is supposed to be a time of great joy. Still, many of us can feel far from joy in our lives. Circumstances come and storms batter and we wonder where God is. Has He abandoned us? Are we alone? How can […]

To Be Free of Your Condemnation

Guilt. Shame. Condemnation. What do those words mean to you? What do you feel when you hear them? What do you carry? Today, hear the word of God speak to the reality of those feelings — and the way you can finally and fully be free from them! Text: John 3:16-19

A Fool for Love

When you consider the offense and reality of our rebellion against God, the way that He loves us is radical, amazing, reckless….and even “foolish.” Having loved us so well, He now calls us to love others with the same kind of love. Text: John 3:14-16