Sermons from March 2017

The Cost (and Remedy) of Your Sin

Most of us, through denial or excuses, like to pretend that our sin is a little thing. We don’t like to think about it, so we pretend it’s either not there or that it’s not that bad. The Bible says that our sin is poison, and that it will kill us. Thankfully, there is a […]

Why You Must Be Born Again

The message of the gospel is clear: No matter who you are, you are a sinner and in need of change, of conversion. But that change is something only God can give. And seeing that should make all the difference in who we are as followers of Jesus, as families, and as a church. Text: […]

What Do You Hate and Who Do You Love

If we are honest, most of us want a little bit of Jesus. We want just enough of Him to be saved and just enough Him to conveniently fit our own agendas. But Jesus will not be received that way. He is not ours to command. He is Lord, to be worshipped and served. And […]