Sermons from 2017

The Underside of Christmas

We come this week to the most difficult and tragic part of the Christmas story, an event known as “the slaughter of the innocents.” In fact, this is one of the most difficult and tragic texts in all of Scripture, and it raises some very difficult questions: Why this way? How could God let this […]

Silent Night, Fearful Night

In this second week of advent, we come to the familiar story of the angels appearing to the shepherds. Once again, a scene we know well – but put yourself there: Amid lowly, simple shepherds who suddenly see the glory of God. The angel may say, “Do not be afraid,” but for them, at least at […]

The Power of Thanksgiving

When all is said and done, why do you do what you do as a Christian? For all of the motivations, is what you do selfish, or out of fear, or out of obligation? Or is there a greater reason, a more lasting reason – that itself turns into power for life and faith in this […]

Slaves Set Free at Last

We in America love to celebrate our freedom. But the Bible speaks of another truth: That all of us in this life are slaves to the sin that holds us and binds us. Don’t you know it from your own life – the things that have kept you and held you powerless? If you long to […]

Come in from the Darkness

We are heading into the holiday season – a time that promises and centers around the celebration of so much light. Yet it can be a season when many of us struggle with darkness around us and within us. Whatever the darkness you are feeling and carrying – Hear Jesus’ invitation to bring light into your world! […]

Where the River Flows

What are you “thirsty” for in your life? Where do you feel a thirst, a longing, a need – and where are you trying to have that thirst and that need met? How is that working out for you? Bring your thirst – and hear Jesus’ invitation. Text: John 7:37-39

The Irresistible Drawing of God

When we are saved, when the gospel becomes real to us and attractive to us – who does what to make that possible? Where does the ability to believe and decide come from? These are more than abstract questions, for we not only need to know who does what in our salvation…but who keeps us secure? […]