Sermons from October 2016

Behold Your Value to God

The incarnation – part of the greatest event and reality history. But beyond the wonder and wideness of the theology around this great event…what difference does it make? Especially when we struggle or feel alone. When we wonder if God is far away, removed, and uncaring. What are the amazing implications of the reality that God […]

God Became Flesh

The incarnation, God becoming man, is one of the greatest realities and truths in all of human history – and its reality is meant to change our very existence. Is it true? Did God really become like us, in the flesh? And if so, what does Jesus give us from God Himself that changes every day […]

Messengers of the Mystery

As Christians, we have a wonderful privilege – to become nothing. To fade into the background, while our message and our Savior become everything. It is our purpose, as individuals and as a church, to lift Christ high so that the gospel – and its power from the Holy Spirit – shine brightly to those in darkness. This […]

What Is It About This Grace Thing?

We talk about it, we sing about. Our church is even named for it. But what is grace all about? And beyond simply being saved by grace, what difference does grace make in our day to day lives, our families, and the power we need to live our calling and identity in Christ? Text: John […]