Sermons from August 2016

The Rest Jesus Gives

At various times, we all feel stressed, overwhelmed, or exhausted. Sometimes life seems to come in unrelenting waves, and it can be hard to keep your head above water. Into this reality, Jesus comes with a wonderful and beautiful invitation. He knows our struggles. He knows our fears. And He offers Himself as the One […]

The Real Return of the King

God rules this universe and has created us and called us to share in His glory. But something’s wrong – we are fallen and broken and cannot enter the Lord’s presence as we are. What can we do about it? Nothing (to save ourselves)! So the gospel is an invitation to see ourselves as we […]

The Lord Is My What?!

Many people know and love this chapter of the Bible. There is more here than we realize, however. God identifies Himself and us in some very surprising terms. Look closely – there are huge implications here for who we are and for how God comes to us to rescue us! Text: Psalm 23