Sermons from June 2014

The God of Four Strikes

Genesis 11:27-12:20 begins the story of Abram, who becomes Abraham, the great patriarch…And who, in this opening text, falls into sin and fails as soon as he reaches the promised land. The call of God is an awesome thing – and comes with great risk and great cost, and we will all surely fail in it. For any who have known the shame and frustration of repeated failure – hear the hope of grace this morning.

Getting Over a Hangover

The Lord promises His children that nothing can snatch us out of His hand and nothing can separate us from His love. But we also know, from painful experience, that there is still much that we are capable of falling into – and much that we capable of falling away from. What is a Christian to do when the sin has been grievous… and the way home seems so hard to find?