Sermons from June 2013

The Opening of the Seals

Because we are in God’s image, our hearts cry out for justice. When we or people we love are victims of the sins of others, we long to see those sins punished, and at least part of this longing is not sinful, but reflects the holy character of God. Jesus has been entrusted with executing God’s judgment 1. on the earthly Jerusalem for their rejection of God and persecution of the church 2. on nations now for our sins against God 3. and on the world at the final judgment. We are warned to flee from His wrath by fleeing to Him for mercy.

Light for the Eyes of our Hearts

Just as the sun continues to shine on a cloudy day, the glory of Christ still shines in the heavenly realms whether we can perceive it or not. The apostle John is given the privilege of seeing the glory of God and of Christ in heaven in order to record this vision for the encouragement and transformation of the church.