Sermons from February 2013

Paul’s Ministry of Suffering

In this part of his letter, Paul is writing to comfort these Gentile Christians about his imprisonment. He tells them that his suffering on their behalf for preaching the Gospel of Christ to them is part of God’s plan, in order to reveal God’s plan, and to fulfill God’s plan to adopt Gentiles as full members of His family through faith in Jesus. God used Paul’s suffering to apply to Gentiles the salvation that Christ accomplished at the cross. God also uses our suffering to help others come to know Christ and become members of His family with us.

The Family of God

The church is the adopted, reconciled, expanding family of God who is Himself a family. He has joined us to Himself in Christ by the Holy Spirit, united us to one another in Christ by the Spirit, and is using our unity in Christ to adopt more children to be in the family with us.