Sermons on Prayer

What Your Leaders Need from You and for You

Obedience and submission to leadership is an alien concept to our fallen, American hearts. But God’s design involves Him using weak, broken vessels through which He shows His grace and His power. Part of growing as a healthy, biblical church involves supporting and praying for the church’s leaders. And that can be easier said than […]

God’s Prayer for You

For the past three weeks, we have been studying what prayer should be: What it means to pray for the Father’s will to be done, and His name to be hallowed, and how, as His children, we can take any request to Him, trusting His love to do what is best for us. And we […]

Prayer When There is No Answer

Christians are invited to pray. We are told that we can come confidently to God and pray specifically to Him as we also pray for His will to be done and His kingdom to come. But what about when you pray….and are met only with silence? What about you have poured out your heart and […]

The Hardest Prayer to Pray

Christians saved by grace have wonderful privileges in prayer. It is in prayer that we can learn to come to God as our perfect Father, enjoying His presence and speaking honestly with Him. But it is also in prayer that we learn to wait, and we learn to submit our will to the Lord’s. It […]

What Prayer Should Be

Prayer. We talk about it as Christians. We know it’s a good thing. We know we should do it. But most of us struggle to really pray. We’re too busy. We’re too distracted. We fall asleep. Or maybe we just don’t know how. For whatever reason, prayer remains a great, but elusive, goal. This morning, […]