Sermons on Old Testament

Who Is the True Victim?

The story of Joseph begins with events and emotions that we can all relate to in one way or another – feelings of calamity, betrayal, and hopelessness. How do we respond when the worst happens? Is God with you when others have betrayed you, abused you, or abandoned – or has He betrayed you as […]

Can Mankind Live Without God

A frequent conversation in modern coffee shops and blogs is whether or not mankind has “outgrown” his need for God in general, and especially whether or not we would be better off, more advanced, if we left Christianity and its teachings behind. Genesis 34, however, shows us the inevitable result when mankind turns its back […]

What We Need Most

What do you think you need? A job? Family? Children? Hope, security, and comfort? For all of the things we think we need in life – Our God and Creator knows us perfectly, and knows best what we really need. And, if we are willing to lay down our self-reliance and cling to Him, He […]

Will You Let Yourself Be Used?

Faith is beautiful. Faith is noble. And faith is frightening. God promises that we cannot even conceived of what He has planned and purposed for His people – plans that include using us to bless the entire world as He shows His strength through our weakness. Yet the prospect of truly throwing ourselves, recklessly and […]