Sermons by Mark Horn

When God Sets You Adrift

Suffering and hard times are hard enough to endure and move through on their own. But what about the times when you are aware that, not only are you suffering — but God deliberately sent you right into the middle of it? What about when you cry out to God, “Why? How long?” … and […]

So That the Fragments Are Not Wasted

Perfect people with perfect lives don’t need a Savior. But for real people, who carry broken lives, broken dreams, and who feel the effect of broken dreams, the gospel offers a chance to come and find healing and purpose. But how do we come? With open hands, admitting our insufficiency, and resting on Jesus to […]

Is Jesus God

We hear the attacks and the questions from so many directions. Things like, “Jesus was a good man, but he never claimed to be God,” or, “The historical Jesus is different than the Jesus Christ the church made up.” Was Jesus indeed God? How can we know? Can we indeed trust our lives and our […]

Your Life Married to Another

So what does this new life in Christ really look like? If we have been set free from external rules, laws, and obligations. What are we freed to? What difference does the good news and freedom of the gospel really make in our lives? To answer that, we turn to a Scripture that uses a […]

A Rest Promised and a Rest Received

Too often, Christians squabble and bog down in external rules and man-made, arbitrary laws. Whose standard do you have to live up to in order to be holy enough? But the gospel is about Jesus setting us free – free from sin, and free, finally, to live in the rest and transformed life that God offer […]

The Most Important Question You Will Ever Answer

Throughout Scripture, several consistent themes are used to describe our fallen condition away from God: We are “lost,” “blind,” “helpless,” and even “dead.” Seeing that is meant to drive us away from self-reliance and self-salvation. But it is far from a negative picture. Seeing our condition is meant to make us stand in awe of […]

Faith, Desperate for Mercy

We have all experienced times when we are desperately needy, crying out for God to hear, to help. Sometimes, we can be left wondering if He is going to act on our behalf at all. At such times, God invites us to come with our requests. He is, after all, our perfect Father and Savior. […]

Taking Our Food to Go

As we begin to see more and more of the beauty and the goodness of Jesus Christ, as we learn to enjoy worshipping Him in Spirit and in Truth, there can be a great desire to simply stay where we are. To soak up more of the good things, to feast on Him….and to withdraw […]