Sermons by Mark Horn

The Viral Gospel

Sermon Outline – March 22, 2020 Text: 2 Timothy 20:1-10 Title: “The Viral Gospel” We live in strange, unsettling times, with quarantines and Covids run amok! And the Bible makes clear that things found in this world aren’t even our greatest opposition as Christians. Yet, despite it all, and despite our own failures and weaknesses, […]

Above All Else, Love

This morning, we start a new series and journey together in God’s Word. How has Jesus loved us? To what depth and extent has He placed His love on us? And what does it look like for us to begin to respond to that love? As we come alive to grace, as we grow as […]

A God Who Delivers (In His Own Way)

Although He keeps many of the details to Himself, our God makes this message clear: He will rescue and deliver His people. The hope that we place in Him is not misplaced — it is real, it is certain, and it will be answered. But our God also makes clear that His deliverance also comes […]

Knowing (a little) of the End Before It Comes

Stock markets. Weather forecasts. Sports books. Horoscopes. College entrance scores. And kids trying to find their presents before Christmas. Our culture is obsessed with trying to know things before they happen. We want to know, because we want to be in control. But our God, who loves us as a perfect Father, reveals a great […]

What We Must Know….Holds Us Still

Daniel 10 is another highly controversial text in this section of prophecy. But again — don’t get lost in the details and speculation. Look at the context! Daniel is deeply depressed….for three weeks! And into this depression, Jesus comes and does exactly what Daniel needs — He touches him (three times, actually)!! He speaks love […]

So Much More Than We Ask For

The section of Scripture we come to today is one of the most controversial, argued about, speculated about, “spooky and scary” portions in all of Scripture. Entire books have been written arguing back and forth about this passage! Today, as we come under God’s Word, we are asking Him to de-mystify it — by focusing […]

Should Repentance Be Plural?

This is a strange time of year — when the world offers us new starts and the alluring promise of “beginning again” through the siren song of resolutions, better intentions, and trying harder. “Surely, this is the year I can get it right.” But what if the way forward doesn’t come through the self — […]

How to Have Hope at Christmas

This profound passage is found only in Luke’s account of the birth of Jesus Christ, in Luke 2:22-35. The Latin phrase ‘Nunc Dimittis’ implies departure or permission to depart now, the grateful request embodied in Simeon’s song and prayer. That prayer was brief, but exhibited profound insight and encouragement. Simeon praises God for keeping a […]