The Gospel of John (Page 2)

Where is the Power?

Our frantic running and around and stressed out lives are like a crazy merry-go-round that never ends — and it never leads to the things we want. We run harder and harder, but find our lives emptier and emptier. Is there another way? Is there a way that we can know the presence of God […]

Learning to Let Go….and Be

This text is contains one of the most beautiful invitations from Jesus in all of Scripture — and one of the most terrifying. For the idea of laying it all down and simply coming to Jesus, collapsing in Jesus, and enjoying resting in Jesus is so attractive, so needed….and so incredibly hard for us to […]

Passing the Peace

Peace. It’s something we talk about and desire a great deal – for the world around us…and within our own lives. We long for it – and so rarely find it. Indeed, peace may be one of the scarcest realities in this world. Into that reality, Jesus comes with an amazing offer…of something we need but can find […]

Help From the Holy Spirit

For most Christians, the third person of the Trinity is the least understood. We don’t know how to think of Him or relate to Him. But Scripture presents the Holy Spirit as fully God – and as God’s provision of Himself when we so desperately need help in our weakness! Text: John 14:16-17, 25-26

Why We Do the Things We Do

There are lots of reasons for being good, religious, or “acting Christian.” We seek to avoid punishment or judgment. We desire to gain reward or blessing. None of those reasons are sufficient, however – and none of them last. According to Jesus Himself, there is only one reason that is commendable for the things we do […]

Already Homeless, Not Yet Home

We all have moments or seasons in this life when we feel lonely, abandoned, or like we just don’t belong. We have times when the anxieties and the fears of the future and the unknown leave us wondering if we really are just on our own. We have times when the things we have hoped […]

Loving Through the Betrayal of a Friend

This call to love like Jesus is a high and hard calling. Can any of us say we truly love each other as Christ has loved us (perfectly, forever)? And yet the calling gets hard, for the way Jesus loves continues – even to those who have betrayed Him and denied Him. The call is too […]