The Gospel of John

Being Saturday People

What was it like for the disciples as they took Jesus’ body down from the cross, buried it, and then went home? What was going through their minds that long weekend as they huddled together in fear? While we know “more of the story” than they did — we often live in fear during times […]

Behold the Man!

It is in our nature to fight and kick against the very things we need from God. We done it through history — we do it still. In this morning’s time in the Word, consider the story of our rebellion and our running….and hear the invitation to finally rest in God’s ultimate provision.

The Great Guilt

Guilt is the hardest stains in our lives to get rid of. Modern efforts include denying its very existence and stuffing it down into one construct or neurosis or another. Religious efforts include trying to be so good, or get so busy, that we outdo the guilt. But despite our denials or our efforts, our […]

Oh No! Not Another Evangelism Sermon

Listening in to the end of Jesus’ High Priestly prayer, we hear His repeated affirmation that He is sending us out into the world. That means we are to have the identity of a sent people — sent with mission and purpose. But first Jesus says He is at work in us — so that […]

Where is the Power?

Our frantic running and around and stressed out lives are like a crazy merry-go-round that never ends — and it never leads to the things we want. We run harder and harder, but find our lives emptier and emptier. Is there another way? Is there a way that we can know the presence of God […]