Loving What Jesus Loves

When God Takes It All Away

It is hard to answer God’s call to “Go Forward” and “Be Witnesses” and “Run the Race” when everything around us seems to be so unsteady and uncertain. But what if what God is really doing in this time is shaking everything that can be shaken, so that we will see the unreliability and danger […]

Running with Witnesses

How does the church respond to the times God has placed us within? How are we faithful to His calling and His mission? If we are going to be “of those who do not shrink back” (Hebrews 10:39), if we are going to be “strengthened in grace” and “endure everything for the sake of the […]

Above All Else, Love

This morning, we start a new series and journey together in God’s Word. How has Jesus loved us? To what depth and extent has He placed His love on us? And what does it look like for us to begin to respond to that love? As we come alive to grace, as we grow as […]