Sermons on Romans

The Power of Thanksgiving

When all is said and done, why do you do what you do as a Christian? For all of the motivations, is what you do selfish, or out of fear, or out of obligation? Or is there a greater reason, a more lasting reason – that itself turns into power for life and faith in this […]

Slaves Set Free at Last

We in America love to celebrate our freedom. But the Bible speaks of another truth: That all of us in this life are slaves to the sin that holds us and binds us. Don’t you know it from your own life – the things that have kept you and held you powerless? If you long to […]

Your Life Married to Another

So what does this new life in Christ really look like? If we have been set free from external rules, laws, and obligations. What are we freed to? What difference does the good news and freedom of the gospel really make in our lives? To answer that, we turn to a Scripture that uses a […]

Help for the Loneliness

On Easter morning, we dress up in nice clothes and we celebrate resurrection. It is supposed to be a time of great joy. Still, many of us can feel far from joy in our lives. Circumstances come and storms batter and we wonder where God is. Has He abandoned us? Are we alone? How can […]

What Do We Owe Our Government?

We see it all around us.  The news reports, like a daily flood, telling us of the latest bizarre ruling, law, or way that our government is moving further and further away from God’s truth.  What are we as Christians to do when it seems, more and more, that to live and stand in and […]