Sermons on Luke

Silent Night, Fearful Night

In this second week of advent, we come to the familiar story of the angels appearing to the shepherds. Once again, a scene we know well – but put yourself there: Amid lowly, simple shepherds who suddenly see the glory of God. The angel may say, “Do not be afraid,” but for them, at least at […]

The Word of Peace

Peace. We long for it personally and as a world-wide community. We sing about, march for it, and call for it in our blogs. But it always seems to elude us, and may now seem further away than ever before. Into that longing comes today’s text — a surprising announcement to a surprising audience. What […]

The Other Side of Christmas

We associate the Christmas story with angels, shepherds, donkeys, and a cute little baby wrapped in swaddling clothes. All of that is true, and it is part of the story – but there is another part. A part that tells of a Savior who came to die and a boy who would grow up to […]

When God Ran

If sin is crouching at our door, as Genesis says, then we need to see it clearly and understand its truly horrible consequences and effects in our lives. Then, we need to see the response of judgment, and of mercy, that our sin causes in God.