Sermons on Hebrews

Running with Witnesses

How does the church respond to the times God has placed us within? How are we faithful to His calling and His mission? If we are going to be “of those who do not shrink back” (Hebrews 10:39), if we are going to be “strengthened in grace” and “endure everything for the sake of the […]

Weebles Wobble

When things are at their worst, when we’ve done our worst, or when we are barely hanging on – How can we know that Jesus “has us”? Consider what Jesus has said about the effectiveness of His atonement and the certainty of His choosing – combine those and you get a wonderful promise about the […]

A Rest Promised and a Rest Received

Too often, Christians squabble and bog down in external rules and man-made, arbitrary laws. Whose standard do you have to live up to in order to be holy enough? But the gospel is about Jesus setting us free – free from sin, and free, finally, to live in the rest and transformed life that God offer […]

What Your Leaders Need from You and for You

Obedience and submission to leadership is an alien concept to our fallen, American hearts. But God’s design involves Him using weak, broken vessels through which He shows His grace and His power. Part of growing as a healthy, biblical church involves supporting and praying for the church’s leaders. And that can be easier said than […]