Sermons on Genesis

From the Garden To the Grave

As Christians, we live in the daily tension of the “already and the not yet.” We see already God’s promises and His redemption already bearing fruit in us and around us. We have forgiveness and new life. But not yet do we have the completion and the fulfillment. We continue to feel the ongoing effects […]

What Do We Want For Our Children?

What do you desire for your children to have in their lives? Friends, experiences, grades? Accomplishments that prepare them for college and then for a successful life? As wonderful as those things can be – there is more that we are to focus on in the lives and hearts of our children. There is more […]

What Change Really Looks Like

We all have things within our past, present, or personalities that we would like to change. But is change, real change, lasting change, even really possible? How can we be a church that is full of people who really know the gospel – so that we really know the change that only God can bring? […]