When a Pagan Witnesses

How relentless, how reckless, how amazing is the love of God for you? He will do whatever it takes, He will send you wherever He has to, in order to break you from your fatal self-reliance and pride and bring you back to Himself. He loves you that much! He can even use a pagan […]

When Faith Fails

God answers prayers….right? But what does it take? If we have enough faith….if we do what we’re supposed to….if we ask in just the right way….God will answer our prayers. Right? But what about when He doesn’t? If prayer seemingly goes unanswered…. Who failed? Was our faith defective? Or did God fail His people? What […]

The Pursuit of God

What is the Book of Daniel about? It is about the preservation of God for His people whom He places and brings through this world as witnesses as He brings them securely to the day of reign of Christ that was won on the cross. Yes! But it is also about something else…. Here in […]

Where We Go When the Worst Is About to Happen

We recently finished a series about finding God’s grace and presence through seasons of suffering. But what about when you’re not in a season — but rather a tidal wave or absolute calamity of the worst possible comes, when tragedy strikes and everything in your world falls apart? That’s the picture of Daniel 2, as […]

Is It Worth It?

We all want to believe we will be brave when the key moment arrives; that we will have the courage to stand and speak for what is right. But when that time actually comes (day by day), reality is so much harder. There is temptation all around us, and compromise, and our own failure can […]

Sorrow’s End

We have spent the past eight weeks considering the role and reality of suffering in the life of a Christian, and whether we can still know God’s purpose, His love, and His grace through times when we suffer and are in pain. I pray, that with me, you are coming to know God’s love in […]

When Darkness Is Your Only Friend

So far in this series on suffering, we have looked for God’s larger truths and purposes that come to us through seasons of pain and hardship. But what about when those realities don’t seem to be a season — but a permanent reality? What about when all we can see is seemingly unending darkness and […]