Full Contact Repentance

It is the Lord’s grace that forgives us of our sins. And it is the Lord’s love that allows us to see our sins — and to cry out to Him in repentance for the deliverance and freedom that only He can give.

The Laughter of Grace

We live in a world where trust is often disappointed and hopes are often dashed. How can we know that our future is secure and things are going to be ok, when so much in life seems to speak otherwise? It starts with whether or not we can trust God to do what He says He will do and be who He says He will be.

Déjà vu All Over Again

For most of us, there are those all-too-familiar sins that we fall into time and time again. Maybe it is a defense mechanism or source of comfort we run to in times of fear or stress. Maybe it is a besetting sin from which we just can’t seem to break free. How can the Lord’s grace and plan work in our lives when sin trips us and we fall time and time again?

The Legacy You Will Leave

What do our lives count for or matter if we lose the spiritual destiny of our own children? The second part of Genesis 19 (verses 30-38) continue what is meant to be a serious warning to each of us — particularly as we consider the life and legacy we leave to our children or others for whom we have spiritual influence. Compromise does not just affect our own spiritual life — it can reverberate far and wide through others. May the Lord give us a heart for holiness in our children — and lives that lead them to it.

Praying the Heart of God

Since we have a God who offers to be “God with us and God for us, we have incredible access and privilege in walking with him and learning His heart for the world and the nations around us. Really, that’s what prayer is: Learning through conversations with God to have our hearts aligned with his, and that is where this text leads us today.

The Sign and Seal For Our Faith

To speak of covenant and of the promises of God is to walk among some huge and grand promises. But do those promises really apply to you personally? Can you know that God is close to you amid your struggles and your uncertainty? As we worship this morning, hear how God promises to seal us to Himself now and forever.

Becoming Post-Pragmatic People

It is hard to be patient, and it is hard to wait. It is hard to walk in faith and in peace while we wait on God’s timing, His gifts, and His way. The temptation to take the matters of our lives into our own hands and live according to our own understanding is great — and it always leads to ruin.