The Gift of a God-Made Storm

When we think of storms and struggles in life, we usually think of bad things — things to endure and get through so that we find a sunnier time on the other side. And certainly, some of the storms of life come simply from the fact that we all live together in a fallen, broken […]

Where You Gonna Run?

Rich Mullins wrote to God, “I’d rather fight you for what I don’t really want, than take what you give that I need.” Where and why is that true in your life? What is God calling you to and inviting you to? And why, so often, do we all run the opposite way from what […]

What Pro-Life Must Be

It is the issue of our time. It tears us apart socially and politically — and it is a dark shadow over us spiritually. What is the way to light? How are we as a church and as believers to speak to an area of such hurt and such struggle, socially and personally? How can […]

Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

We have overflowing grace…. But it is never to hoard and bottle up for ourselves. Our God has run to us! What would it look like, what would it change if we ever learn to run to others who are broken and to love them as radically as Jesus has loved us?