We are glad that you are exploring our church and our website, and we hope that you will come and experience worship with us at Grace Church. We are a family of people who are seeking to come alive to the need and reality of God’s grace in our lives – to the fact that Jesus Christ died for messed up people, and that His death gives us the reason and hope for life.

That is because we are group of people who have suffered and are suffering from a range of spiritual ailments (what the Bible calls sin). We are a community of self-admitted broken people who have come to the hard truth that we can’t heal ourselves and that we need divine intervention. We acknowledge God as the healer who along gives live and peace. And we believe that the very God who created the universe entered our world in the person of Jesus Christ to take on all of our sins, even our death! In exchange, Jesus forgives us and gives us his holiness (which is a fancy way of saying we get a clean bill of health spiritually). We celebrate this message of grace in our lives as community of Jesus-followers.

To live out that celebration, we are seeking as a church to be a community of people who focus on worship, on discipleship, and on outreach into a broken world. We are not seeking to be a fellowship of perfect people. Rather, we want to grow and groan together, as people who were once drowning who can share with each other where the lifeline is, and as people who were once starving who can share with fellow beggars where we find bread.

So, if you are looking for answers in your spiritual journey, and a place to be safe while you ask the necessary questions, you are welcome here at Grace.

If you are looking for a place that stands on those answers, you are welcome here at Grace.

If you are looking for a home, and a family that will love you as you heal from the lies and attacks that this world can bring, you are welcome here at Grace.

We long to serve you as we grow together in the awesome, abundant, and life-changing grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Yours in Christ,
Pastor Mark Horn and the Grace Church Family