Grades 6-7

Eastern Hemisphere History, Literature & Science for the 6th-7th Grade Student

General course description: The goal of this class will be to enthusiastically promote and share a passion of lifelong learning by participating in meaningful activities that will teach beneficial reading strategies across the curriculum. This class is designed to cover literature, history, science and geography. This class is not designed to teach all subjects that should be covered with your child. Core areas of education not specifically covered by the class are grammar, spelling and math.

Prerequisite: The student should have successfully completed the 5th grade and have a strong reading ability. Before accepting a student into this class, the instructors will meet with each student personally to insure that he or she will be successful in this class.

History and Literature Instructor: Mrs. Denise Askelson, M.Ed., Ed.S. Mrs. Askelson has 5 years teaching experience in public schools and has home schooled her children since 1994. She has a Master's degree in Early Childhood Education from The University of Montevallo (1989) and an Educational Specialist (2006) degree from UAB. She is an Alabama state certified teacher in the following areas: Reading Specialist (N-12), Early Childhood (P-3), and Elementary (1-6) Education. She and Brian have been married 27 years.

History and Literature Instructor contact info: phone: 205-612-2086

Science and Geography Instructor: Mrs. Laura Shepard graduated from The University of Montevallo in 1988 with majors in Early Childhood and Elementary Education. She enjoys teaching history, literature, science and geography and has taught at Shades Mountain Christian, Southern Art Works and Chelsea Tutorials. She and Mark have been married for 24 years and have homeschooled their 3 children for 11 years.

Science and Geography Instructor contact info: phone: 205- 447-2132

Location: Grace Presbyterian Chelsea, PCA

Days: Monday & Wednesday

Time: 9:30 - 2:00

History and Literature: History and Literature will be studied using the Sonlight Core F - Eastern Hemisphere curriculum. History will be taught from a Christian world view. Students will be participating in meaningful activities that will teach beneficial reading strategies across the curriculum.

Science and Geography: Geography will be studied using the Sonlight Core F - Eastern Hemisphere curriculum as a guide.

Science will cover Fabulous Physics and Weird Words. In this science class for 4th -7th graders, the students will be introduced to the world of physics and will also create an experiment-based science dictionary.

First, the science class will be devoted to learning about motion, energy, electricity, heat, light and sound. The students will master boring words like inertia, mass, friction and momentum but without being bored! They will start the year by rolling toy cars down ramps that are placed at different angles. This is in order to see how much the car will smash a banana slice. Other experiments include using a Slinky to measure the weight of an apple, a lemon and a grapefruit and finding which of these fruits can perform the most work. The students will also build a battery, an electroscope and an electromagnet. The last experiment for physics is my favorite. We will use energy to put out a fire! All of these experiments, among others, are included in Gravitas Publications' Real Science-4-Kids Physics Level One, which will be our text for the year. It is very different than other science books. "Each experiment is a real science experiment and not just a demonstration. The experiments are simple, but are written the way real scientists actually perform experiments in the laboratory." A study of the Latin root words that pop up in physics terminology will also be included.

Second, the science class will be devoted to creating a science dictionary. I've heard it said that "kids learn best by doing." With that in mind, the students will get to enjoy hands-on activities that will illustrate basic science terms like: Petri dish, condensation, insulator, buoyancy, litmus test, density, bacteria or reflection. The goal is to make the definition stick! We will record our definitions (and the fun we had learning the word) in our book, The Mad Scientist's Dictionary For Curious Kids. I plan for the students to achieve mastery of at least sixty nice, thick, juicy science words. Just like in our physics class, a study of the Latin root words that pop up in basic science terminology will also be included.

Homework Level: For your student to be successful in this classroom environment, your student should come to class prepared, having completed required outside work. Students will be required to complete assigned material based on the Sonlight Core F instructor's guide; 2012 edition. Generally, this takes 2 hours on non-class days. Work required outside of class will primarily be the reading of literature books. Science assignments will require about 30 minutes per week outside of class.

Registration Fee: $250 nonrefundable

Tuition: $400 per semester (or $100 per month paid in Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, March and April).

Supply Fee: $100 per year, due in August

Note: The sum of registration and tuition for the year remains at the 2010-2011 amount of $1,050 (less than $4 per hour of instruction). Registration and tuition should be made payable to Denise Askelson. Please click here for registration form.

Building Use Fee: The annual building use fee for this class is $50 fee per student, not to exceed $120 per family. This fee is payable to Grace Presbyterian Chelsea on the first day of class.

Class Minimum: The class will have a minimum of 5 students and a maximum of 12 students. If class minimum is not reached, class may be cancelled or merged with Exploring Cultures and Countries & Science class. If class is cancelled registration fee will be refunded.

Required texts for history and literature: This class will use the Sonlight Core F - Eastern Hemisphere as the structured curriculum of the history and literature component. Each family is required to purchase the 2012 edition of the Core F instructor guide (available at This class will use most books in the 5-day program. (Parents may choose to purchase books from Sonlight, but it is often more economical to see what books are already owned and purchase what is needed from the thrift store,, Ebay or Amazon.)

Required texts for science and geography: Gravitas Publications' Real Science-4-Kids Physics Level One, Physics Level One Lab Workbook, and Physics Connects To Language Workbook. Laura Shepard will be able to order books at a discounted rate for those students who pay her for the books by August 1st. Contact Mrs. Shepard for more information.

Please contact Denise Askelson for more information regarding student placement. The instructors can also provide more information regarding the classroom activities and required materials.

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