Elementary Spanish

Elementary Spanish - Level A & Level B

Course description: Elementary Spanish is designed to introduce basic Spanish vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation to students in grades 1 - 6. This class will integrate fun with learning through music, games, memorization, and workbook activities. Any student taking elementary Spanish will form foundational skills for future foreign language study.

Prerequisite: Level A - none. Level B students should have completed Level A.

Instructor: Mrs. Chris Marshall. Mrs. Marshall has 26 years homeschooling experience. She taught Spanish I, II, and III in Savannah, Georgia, in a home school cooperative setting for 4 years prior to moving to Chelsea. She is currently teaching Spanish for both high school and elementary students at Chelsea Tutorials and continues to work as a contracted private tutor for public, private and homeschooled students. She draws greatly on her experience as a missionary in the Latin American countries of the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Costa Rica and Chile. She is married and has 6 children and 2 grandchildren.

Instructor contact info: phone: 205-678-4167 cell: 912-220-0469

Location: Grace Presbyterian Chelsea

Days: Monday (Level B) and Wednesday (Level A)

Time: 2:00-3:00

Grade Level: 2nd - 7th grades

Homework Level: 30 minutes per week

Registration Fee: $50 nonrefundable (applies toward 1st semester tuition)

Tuition: $150 per year

Supply Fee: $20 per student, due in August

Note: Registration, tuition and supply fees should be made payable to the instructor of the class. Registration Form.

Building Use Fee: The annual building use fee for this class is $20 per student, not to exceed $120 per family. This fee is payable to Grace Presbyterian Chelsea on the first day of class.

Class Minimum: Minimum of 5 students. If class minimum is not reached, class will be cancelled and registration fee refunded.

Required Text for Level A: Pasaporte al Espanol Kit A Worktext Step 1 (Bob Jones University Press--$22.22)

Required Text for Level B: Pasaporte al Espanol Kit A Worktext Step 2 (Bob Jones University Press--$22.22)

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