Worship Team

Play an instrument or assist in leading worship as part of the team that will work to lead our church in growing in worship and making it the focal priority of all that we do as the body of Christ. Work with the team leader to prepare music that will encourage our worship to be in Spirit and Truth.

Audio Team

To provide audio for all worship services. This will include working in the sound booth on Sunday morning during the worship service, getting the microphone to the pastor and ensuring that it is working, and relaying the audio files to the website team.


Help the deacons collect the offering each week during the worship service. This can also be an opportunity for family members to minister together.

Prayer Team

Develop and emphasize a ministry of prayer within Grace Church. Create and communicate lists for prayer requests. Plan prayer emphases, times of prayer, and meetings for prayer.

Children’s Ministry Team

Plan the discipleship and teaching of our children at Grace Church. Plan Sunday School, VBS, and outreach events with a children’s ministry focus. Oversee and schedule volunteers with Children’s Praise and Worship (CPW) and nursery.

Youth Ministry Team

Oversee and lead the discipleship of our teenagers at Grace Church. Plan meetings, events, and discipleship opportunities, focusing on either middle school or high school youth. Most of all, develop relationships to point our students to Christ.

Sunday School Teacher (children or youth)

Lead and teach one of our Sunday morning classes. Work to bring God’s Word before children or youth. Curriculum and assistance are provided through the Children’s Ministry and Youth Ministry Teams.

Children’s Praise and Worship (CPW) Team

Help lead during our Children’s Praise and Worship time, which is designed to teach and prepare children to understand and be ready to engage in the various aspects and elements of our church’s worship services.

College and Career Team

Plan discipleship and fellowship opportunities for our college-age young people and those at the start of their career years. This includes meetings during holiday and summer break times, as well as notes and communications to our students during the semesters when they are away at college.

Women’s Ministry Team

Be involved in planning or leading women’s small groups and other ministry activities to encourage and equip women in their calling and ministry as wives, mothers, and as women in Christ’s church.

Men’s Ministry Team

Be involved in planning or leading men’s small groups and other ministry activities to encourage and equip men in their calling as husbands, fathers, and as men in Christ’s church.

Greeting and Visitation Team

Help to welcome visitors to our church on Sunday mornings, greeting them and helping them feel welcome and at home. Then work to follow up with them through cards, notes, or in-person visits.

Outreach Team

Plan and lead events, activities, and ministries for our church to connect with our community and engage people around us with the invitation and truth of the gospel. This could include events here at the church or at the coffee house, festivals in the community, and other creative ways to bring us into contact and conversation with the community around us.

Missions Team

Help as part of a team to develop missions awareness and involvement at Grace Church. This includes working with the deacons to select missionaries and agencies to support that are in line with our church values and then working to develop involvement in the church body in the ministry of our selected missionaries. It also includes planning local missions trips as well as trips across the country and out of the country.

Website Team

Develop and maintain the church’s website as a source of information for church members and point of connection and witness for potential visitors and all those whom the Lord would call to our church.

Church Photographer

Take photos of church meetings, groups, and ministries and provide these photos for use on the church Facebook page, the newsletter, and the church website.

Mercy Team

Work closely with the deacons of our church to meet the physical needs of our church members and those in the community that we have the opportunity to minister to. This could include organizing teams and work parties to take meals, do physical repairs, and otherwise serve those in need.

Fellowship Team

Develop and plan activities to promote relationships and connection among the members of Grace Church. This includes the monthly fellowship meal, but could also include retreats, camp-outs, parties, or other opportunities for our members to enjoy getting to know each other as brothers and sisters in Christ.